GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — Fathers in Grand Junction have amazing chances for growth after hilltop community resources got a big boost in funding to help fathers in need. According to Family Navigator Darnell Anthony, “They may need help, but they don’t necessarily ask for help.” Fighting that stigma may be tough but hilltop along with six other organizations here in Colorado are putting 7.5 million dollars in federal funding from a five-year grant, to helping fathers find stability.

Darnell goes on to explain that many fathers don’t know of all the resources available to them, “A lot of dads are ambivalent about going out and reaching out for services and they often don’t like to participate in things like WIC cause they don’t know that it’s for them too. Because it stands for women infants and child and doesn’t say father in it.”

The fatherhood program offers a 13-week workshop that helps with things like parenting skills, legal aid, or finding resources for housing and job training. It even helps network with other fathers. Information on this course and all the other resources available for families can be found at Hilltop’s Family Resource Centers | Hilltop (

There’s also always more room for growth when parenting. The Family Navigator counseled, “There’s been some dads that have taken the course years ago and then they come back when they are really really ready and then they just take off and they just do ten times better than whenever they took the course the first time. Success is not just a straight line it’s a squiggly line.”

Whatever path a good dad takes it’s been proven strong fathers help raise children who are at lower risk for teen pregnancy incarceration and even suicide, according to stats from the national fatherhood initiative.