The bell sounds for lunch at the Plateau Valley School in Collbran, but if bond measure 4A is approved by voters this November, the bell and the old building will be replaced, but never forgotten. “All of the memories that we have in here are not because of the building, they were because of the people inside of them,” said District 50 Superintendent, Mike Page.

He’s not just the superintendent, he’s also a proud Plateau Valley graduate from 1981 with a mission to enhance the education for future generations. Page says, “This place has given my parents and my family, both my siblings an awful lot during our lives, and so, if this is some way I can possibly give back to this community and to this school, then I’m proud to be here and proud to be the leader of this school.”

If the bond is passed, it won’t just be the building that’s replaced. “There will be a new auxiliary gym and football field with an all weather track and lights which we’ve never had here at Plateau Valley,” said Page.

The total project will cost $45 million, but the time to get it done is even more valuable. Superintendent Page says, “We have $10.3 million from the BEST Grant which is a state grant that helps you build schools. If we don’t pass this then that goes away.”

If voters say yes in November demolition would start in the upper elementary portion of the school from preschool to 6th grade, and once the project is completed in 2024 the school’s total capacity would go from 320 students to 480. A Collbran citizen, who chooses to remain anonymous says, “The new facility will positively affect our stem projects and FFA programs. The deficiencies in our electricity, sewer, fire, and ADA compliance ensures that this building must be updated. The cost to renovate and repair almost meets what a new facility costs. So, yes. I vote yes on 4a.”

She chose to remain anonymous and for good reason. A local business owner had to take down their sign supporting the bond measure because of too many angry customers in opposition of the tax increase to pay for the new school, but the final decision comes soon when voters fill in the circle for yes or no this November affecting the students future.

For more information, questions, comments, or concerns Superintendent Mike Page says to call him or his staff directly to get all the facts. Click here.