Community Hospital now has a new innovative imaging system to help guide surgeons.  Surgeries involving breast cancer, melanoma, and gallbladders will be easier thanks to the assistance of this high tech machine. 
The technology is called SPY Imaging, and it with the help of green dye it can locate lymph nodes in cancer patients.
“Having something that’s reliable that is an extra visual cue definitely is safer for patients, faster for surgeons,” says Dr. Courtney Fulton, General Surgeon at Community Hospital. 
It’s a handheld device that can pick up the green dye with ease which can help spot those problematic areas.  “The pictures are very crisp, clear, it works very fast,” says Fulton. 
The process makes surgeries quicker, easier, and faster.  It isn’t just for cancer patients however.  It can also help with gallbladder surgery. 
“It shows us the anatomy which is very important because we don’t want to injure certain structures during the surgery,” says Fulton. 
So during a difficult time for patients, technology is doing its part to help make things easier.  
“Everyone wants the best for their cancer surgery, you want your surgeon to have the most accurate up to date information, and I think that this technology can help do that for us,” says Fulton. 
Community Hospital says they are the only hospital on the Western Slope using this new machine.
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