GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — District Attorney Dan Rubenstein of the 21st Judicial District has decided to not file charges against 25-year-old Dylan Boyle in the shooting death of 41-year-old Robert Deffenbaugh. The investigation into the shooting concluded that Boyle was acting in self-defense when we shot Deffenbaugh in the chest on March 14.

The shooting took place at the 29 Mile Apartments on Orchard Ave. Boyle was returning to the apartment complex after traveling to the Lucky Me convenience store to purchase coffee and cigarettes when Deffenbaugh approached his vehicle asking for a ride to purchase gas for his wife’s vehicle. Boyle declined to provide Deffenbaugh a ride at that time, which led to Deffenbaugh throwing a box wrench that struck Boyle above the eye.

After being struck by the wrench, Boyle retrieved “bear mace” from his truck and fired it in Deffenbaugh’s direction, spraying him in the shoulder and back area as he turned away. Boyle then began taking the items he purchased at the store into a nearby apartment when Deffenbaugh threw a 4-way lug wrench, striking Boyle’s truck. It was at this time that Boyle produced a 9mm handgun equipped with a laser site from the truck.

With the gun in hand, Boyle instructed Deffenbaugh to stop coming towards him as Deffenbaugh, according to witness statements, was shouting “shoot me m—–f—–” with his arms extended “like an airplane.” Boyle then fired one shot that penetrated Deffenbaugh’s chest. First responders attempted life saving measures before declaring Deffenbaugh dead on scene.

An autopsy showed that Deffenbaugh’s blood contained multiple drugs including methamphetamine and Delta-9 THC.