Non-profits struggle with COVID-19 caused fundraiser cancelations

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MESA COUNTY, Colo. — It’s a year like no other– 2020 has brought many challenges. One challenge has been widespread event cancelations due to COVID-19. For non-profit organizations, the devastation is two-fold.

“We have not been able to do our Easter egg hunt, our concerts, or the Juco picnic… they are all fun events and people enjoy come out to them..” – Doug Sorter, STRiVE

In addition to providing a fun sense of community, these events generate revenue needed for non-profits to provide services.

Doug Sorter, with STRiVE says, “Fundraisers are exactly that– they are raising funds for the things we do.” For STRiVE, these fundraisers specifically power it’s children’s programs. The adult population at STRiVE is taken care of pretty well thanks to federal funding and support from the county, but the kids are the ones who need more help.

Another local non-profit, Hope of The Grand Valley, is also feeling the financial hit with the cancelation of its yearly fundraiser, a 5 and 10k run.

Hope of The Grand Valley’s CEO, Vicki McGee, says, “It’s a fundraiser, we don’t wanna limit the number of people… it was sad.” But once Vicki took a look at the social distancing regulations, she decided to call it off.

This run is the only fundraiser Hope of The Grand Valley has all year, and the organization runs 100% off of donations, with no government funding.

In the devestating absence of all these fundraisers, the community can still help local non-profits.

“You can participate by shopping at our store downtown, Uniquely Yours, and also, we are partnering with Anita’s fruits… if you wanna purchase some fruits there its a great way to support us.” – Doug Sorter, STRiVE

“Instead of running, just donate that amount to Hope of The Grand Valley and we will be fine.” – Vicki McGee, Hope of The Grand Valley

You can also support these organizations online. Click here to donate to Hope of The Grand Valley, and click here to Donate to STRiVE’s most in-need programs.

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