The Grand Junction City Council decided that the name of North Avenue will change to University Boulevard on Wednesday, August 16.

The project was approved with a five to two vote, and many people on both sides of the issue showed up to voice their opinions. The project will cost around $22,000.

Those who support the project said the change will embrace the university and help the city identify as a college community. “I think it’s kind of a reminder to those of us who are here how lucky we are that we have an institution like that right here in our community,” said Diane Schwenke, the president and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce.

Those who are against the project say there are larger issues that need attention in the community. “I think that we should be paying for books in our schools when we don’t have them right now instead of street signs,” said Randy Emmons, the owner of Randy’s Southside Diner.

The change will become official starting in March of 2018.