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Nuclear Care Partners Receives Accreditation

The Only Provider in the United States Exclusively Serving Former Atomic Workers

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - Nuclear Care Partners, a nationwide organization with a local facility here in Grand Junction recently received an accreditation making them the only provider in the United States exclusively serving former atomic workers across the nation.

To become accredited, organizations must go through a rigorous process.

Surveyors with the Accreditation Commission for Health Care conduct visits in patients homes to assess their care, review medical records, policies, and procedures.

This accreditation allows the organization to demonstrate their ability to meet requirements and standards established by the accreditation organization.

"We reached out to the accrediting body. We wanted them to come in and really take a look at what we're doing and meet the standards for excellence. We really provide a level of care with that accreditation, that they can't find anywhere else", says Amanda Jensen the Colorado Clinical Director for Nuclear Care Partners.

More than 600,000 men and women served in more than 360 nuclear weapons facilities throughout the united states, and many of them made the sacrifice of their own health & well-being from developing debilitating illnesses due to radiation poisoning.

You can reach the folks at Nuclear Care Partners by calling (888) 525-5111, or by going to their website www.nuclearcarepartners.com.

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