October has ended, but the scariest part of the month wasn’t Halloween this year, it’s the rising deadly trend of COVID-19 cases. Stefany Busch with Mesa County Public Health says, “We saw the highest number of deaths we have seen in a month since our most deadly month which was November of 2020.”

The county health department reports there were 45 deaths directly caused from COVID last year in November and the county health department reports 35 deaths in October, but that was on Friday. “The month of August we had nine deaths in Mesa County and our case rates were pretty low then averaging maybe 30 a day. Now, were averaging 100 cases a day in the last week,” said Busch.

More than 1,300 new cases have been reported in the last two weeks and 85% of those cases come from the unvaccinated, according to the Mesa County Public Health data dashboard. Busch says, “Vaccination became widely available since to our 12 and up folks since April 1 of 2021 and since then 83% of our deaths in Mesa County have been unvaccinated individuals.”

334 flags in front of the Center for Independence each represent a priceless life lost because of COVID-19, but the best weapon to protect you from the deadly virus is to wear a mask, get tested, or get vaccinated. But, the best weapon for the Coronavirus is what it’s always been: fake information. Kris Hahn-Youngblood got her COVID booster shot at the Mesa County Public Health bus in front of the Center for Independence on Monday. Kris says, “I understand that there are people who feel as strongly about not getting the vaccine as I do about getting the vaccine, but I think the price is too high not to get the vaccine.”

Some people trust their social media feeds more than their doctor or the CDC, but for others the information comes from the most trusted source: family. “It’s personal for me because my sister is a respiratory therapist in Wisconsin, and I’ve heard stories that people wouldn’t want to hear about people being unvaccinated, and sick, and dying, and it’s young people in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s,” said Hahn-Youngblood. Busch says, “It’s heartbreaking.”

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