The reforms to oil and gas will have many potential changes.

The mission for The Oil and Gas Conservation Commission will move away fostering energy development and move towards regulation.

A big change will be the shift towards local governments being able to set regulations at or above the state level. When regulations start hovering around an industry, the concern over losing jobs ramps up.

Emily Hornback from Western Colorado Alliance says, “Anytime that regulations or reform is brought up in this conversation we always hear that it’s going to be the end of the oil and gas industry.”

From the other side, Mesa County Administrator Frank Whidden says, “We certainly care about the environment and outdoors very deeply so in Mesa County… but we also care about our folks having jobs and being able to feed their families and heat their homes.”

The Oil and Gas Commission overseeing Colorado would also have to change the make up of their membership.

Members who work in oil and gas will be reduced from three to one and add four members with experience in environmental and public health.

You can click here to view the bill to Protect Public Welfare Oil and Gas Operations.