Oil and gas supporters have been vocal about working to end the crude oil export ban, so Colorado could start shipping some natural resources.

Vital for Colorado, an organization that’s in favor of drilling, and the Colorado Petroleum Council crafted a letter that will go to the Colorado Congressional Delegation to encourage support for the ban.

Officials with Vital for Colorado said they received support from  nearly 100 groups across the state.

They said they believe exporting could cut gas prices by $.08 per gallon, and potentially create thousands of jobs across the state.

Since this is a hot topic issue, oil and gas enthusiasts said they understand the air quality debate and hope to meet regulations that would please both sides.

“We’re in favor of air regulations but we also believe that oil and gas is important to our way of life, to our economy, and to the values of the citizens of Colorado,” said Jonathan Ekstrom with Vital for Colorado.

A couple of letters have already been sent to the president regarding the issue.