PALISADE, Colo. – Palisade’s ‘Happy Camper’ dispensary is celebrating its approval for relocating just off of Interstate 70, near Exit 42 at the North entrance of town.

“We are so excited. First of all I want to thank the town, because you know we had to come with a plan and an idea and we did; and we tried to just do all the work necessary to make it happen and they were so open to it and we met all the expectations and requirements, and it was very humbling,” Says ‘Happy Camper’s’ owner Colleen Scanlon.

This move follows issues with parking and traffic at the dispensary’s current location on North River Road,

“Just one-quarter mile from the ‘Happy Camper’s’ new plot of land is property ‘the Colorado Weedery’ requested to buy, however they were not approved,” says KREX5’s Reilly Spence.

The ‘Colorado Weedery’ says the board’s rationale for rejecting a conditional use permit is due to grapevines on the property; stating their removal would deteriorate the property’s historic value.

Palisade’s development director attributes the rejection to zoning issues,

“The process for these sorts of requests is a conditional use permit and both go through public hearings, and so ultimately it’s the decision of the board of trustees in regards to whether that particular application or that particular proposal meets the criteria that are outlined not only in our code but also in the hearing,” says Palisade’s Development Director Brian Rusche.

The Wine Country Inn has since closed on the property.

Regardless of whether one or both dispensaries relocate, one thing remains true; the North entrance to Palisade will look different in the coming years.