The completion of High School Education is crucial for anyone to compete in today’s job market or to enroll in higher education. Today, we’re celebrating with students who graduated from a one of its kind program in Mesa County.

Since 2017, the Mesa County Library has offered Career Online High School and G.E.D. preparation programs. Today, 22 students from the programs graduated.

Career Online High School is a program designed for adults who want to advance their education and pursue career training. G.E.D. preparation is also offered to students to prepare for the GED test and receive their general education diploma.

This is the largest graduating class since Mesa County Library started offering the programs to the community. Prospective students must be 16 years of age or older, be residents of Mesa County, and have a library card to Mesa County Library to enroll.

“These programs are opportunities for them to be able to reach those goals, to be able to provide for themselves, to be able to provide for their families and create better futures for themselves and their community,” comments Emily McConnell, head of the Adult Learning Program at Mesa County Library.

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