One Phone Call Almost Cost a Man 4,000 Dollars

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.- A local therapist, who trying to help local residents get through this pandemic was almost scammed by a person pretending to be a Mesa County Deputy.

Kyle Davis, the local therapist said the caller id said The Mesa County Sheriff’s Office. The person on the phone said he is a Lieutenant with Mesa County Sheriff’s Office and he even claimed he had a badge number.

The person told Kyle, he had a warrant out for his arrest, for failure to appear as an expert witness in an ongoing trial. Kyle has been an expert witness before, but he did not remember being asked to go to court.

The person on the phone told Kyle, he had some options, he could go to jail, or pay a fine of $4,000.

“I started falling for it, I was freaking out…and thinking how am I going to get this money…” Kyle Davis

Kyle even called his family asking for the money and was about to send it until,

“I said I want to talk to you in person..” Kyle Davis, and the caller refused to meet him in person and Kyle began realizing it was a scam.

A staff member from The Mesa County Sheriff Office said these scams are common and easy to fall for, but The Sheriff’s Office also said if you have fines to pay, your most likely going to have to pay them in court then over the phone.

Also if you have a warrant out for your arrest, the Sheriff’s Office isn’t going to call you, they are going to come and arrest you.

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