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There are a few rules and restrictions when burning on your property in the city of Grand Junction.

Ellis Thompson-Ellis from GJFD says, “with a permit people are allowed to burn anything that’s under an inch in diameter. small branches, twigs, things like that, not giant stumps.”

The size of your property dictates what things you can burn.

Thompson-Ellis also says, “anybody with a property over an acre and they’re planning on reducing fuels in that property. Or if your property is under an acre, you are able to get a permit for ditches, laterals, waterways.”

If you’re in Mesa County, but not in the city of Grand Junction, you’ll get a permit from Mesa County Public Health.

The dates for city open burning and county open burning are a bit different.

Thompson-Ellis says, “for city properties our open burn season runs from march 1st to april 31st. In the county that’s a little bit longer for elevation. It’s march 1st through may 31st.”

It’s also important to not burn during Burn Bans or Red Flag Days.

You also need to make sure you are burning 50 feet from the property line and that the fire is being attended to by an adult at all times.

Thompson-Ellis says, “I think the biggest thing is that we need people to get a permit so that we know they’re going to be burning, and to burn safely. Follow all those regulations and make sure you’re with the fire at all times, and not to burn on red flag days.”

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