The Don’t Punish Pain movement is pushing for opioid reform.

They believe that the pendelum has swung too far in demonizing pain medication and people who need the drugs are being punished because of those who misuse the medication.

It’s not just citizens who feel affected, there are also medical professionals who allege they can’t do their job properly due to fears of losing their job for overprescribing.

Don’t Punish Pain supporter Carrie Carlson, joined the movement because of how she was affected personally.

Carlson says, “My husband’s pain medicine that he was able to function on, actually able to work… information was given to me that he going to be taken off of it completely and then he became wheel chair bound after that.”

You can click here for the CDC’s guidlines on opioid prescription.

You can also visit Don’t Punish Pain’s website for information on their cause.