Out of state funds being poured into CO National Popular Vote law

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — The question as to whether to appeal Colorado’s National Popular Vote law is making news again, this time with campaign financing.

Colorado voters will be asked on election day in 2020 whether to repeal Colorado’s National Popular Vote law.

The law would pledge the state’s nine electoral votes to whichever candidate wins the popular vote in future presidential elections.

Colorado Politics recently reported the first campaign finance filing on this issue. The “Yes on National Popular Cote” campaign has raised about $745,000 so far, but only about $2,100 of those donations have come from Coloradans.

Colorado politics reports the majority of contributions for the “yes” campaign have come from Californians.

At the opposite end, Colorado Politics reports the campaign against Colorado’s National Popular Vote law received contributions mostly from Coloradans–totaling about $762,000.

A Mesa County politician behind the campaign against the national popular vote law says she’s not surprised.

We’ve been talking throughout this campaign about how Colorado does not want to give our votes for president to places like California and New York. We’re now seeing places like California and New York really wanting to make sure they can buy our votes.

Rose Pugliese, Mesa County Commissioner

The question of whether to approve Colorado’s National Popular Vote law will be on election day in 2020, and not on the ballot this Tuesday.

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