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Outdoor Expo Comes to Western Colorado

Western Colorado is one of the biggest parts of the state for outdoor recreation and this weeked an expo in Grand Junction helped people explore the outdoors.

The first ever Explore the Outdoors Expo took place, the two day event showcased outdoor recreation opportunities on the Western Slope.

Hundreds of people showed up for demonstrations, while vendors held seminars on outdoor topics including how to go camping off the grid, biking, fishing and hunting.

Organizers say the event is a reminder of how important it is to enjoy the outdoors, while also being a helpful activity for sick or traumatized people.

"Instead of a remote, get a fishing pole in his hand and that's something he can pass on generation to generations, outdoor recreation is actually declining, we're spending more time inside than outside, it's super important to get our youth and next generation out there," said Brittany Bosshardt, event coordinator at The Daily Sentinel.

"We use outdoor activity to be able to be able to break down barriers and talk to people about the bigger issue that we want to talk about which is victims of human trafficking," said Michael Aschmann, team lead at Beyond the Giant International.

"You're never really out of the woods with cancer, but what I say is when you're in the woods with a fly rod in your hand, cancer does not enter your mind or your being at that moment," said Marlene Collins, Western Slope program Coordinator at Casting for Recovery. 

Organizers say the event did well, and are excited to bring more outdoor exploration back to the Western Slope next year.

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