STRiVE receives a Santa-sized donation of toys, but instead of reindeer, they were delivered in two huge car-loads.

The West Slope Colorado Oil & Gas Association hit the aisles of toy stores to provide a wide range of toys for all ages, boys, and girls. Members of both organizations could be seen with their arms full of toys bringing them inside the strive building.

“Not only do these presents make a big difference in their lives it also is going to give those kids and those families the value that other people care about them and other people are concerned about them”, says Doug Sorter the Business Operations & Development VP for STRiVE.

“Well, of the 300 or so toys that were able to have donated, I think we have a little bit of something for everybody. From infants up to teenagers, I think anybody in need is going to have the opportunity to have a special Christmas thanks to STRiVE and all the great work they do in our community”, says David Ludlam the Executive Director for the West Slope Colorado Oil & Gas Association.