RIFLE, Colo. (KREX) — Marshmallow the racing donkey is expected to make a full recovery after eating something toxic after her last pack burro race.

Alexis Knight, President of the Western Pack Burro Association, helped set up a Go-Fund-Me for Marshmallow to raise $2,500.

The goal of the Go-Fund-Me was reached and has now been expanded to $5,000. The excess funds will be used to help another pack burro racer in need.

Pack burro racing was started in the 1970s to help drum up tourism for old mining towns. Alexis Knight said the sport was created based on an old story about two miners racing down a mountain with their donkeys to make a land claim on gold they had found.

In pack burro racing a person will race side by side with their donkey. “Pack burro racing is a foot race where your companion is a burro. So, you are completely propelled by your own two feet and the willingness of your companion,” said Knight.

Knight runs in races with her donkeys and said races can be anywhere from 3 miles to 30 miles.

“The donkey’s really love running, it’s sort of what they’ve always done,” said Knight, “They love being in a herd and travelling. As inquisitive creatures for them to be able to explore and see new places is enriching to their lives.”

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