Pack Creek Fire still at zero percent containment at last report

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One campfire led to the destruction that’s known as the Pack Creek Fire in Utah. “Yesterday was complete chaos,” said evacuated resident Kiley Miller.

Michael Engelhart from the U.S. Forestry Service says, “In 24 hours it grew from yesterday in our mapped area from about 100 acres, and this morning our mapped area is a little bit shy of about 5,000 acres.”

The exceptional drought didn’t stop a daughter from taking a once in a lifetime trip with her dad but the fire cut the trip short. So, what’s plan B? Tourist Zara Shilakis says, “Well, we’re actually leaving today. So, it’s kind of good timing. Well, not really but good timing for us to miss out on this.”

Others aren’t so lucky to leave because now, they have no home to go to. “It’s a complete tragedy that did not have to happen,” said Miller.

Helicopters are battling the blaze from above while fire crews attack it on the ground. The only thing left in it’s path is burned debris, 30 homes at the Pack Creek community while everyone else has been evacuated, and, at last report there is no stopping the fire. “Try to heal, but that’s going to be very hard thing to do considering our mountain, which is a very special place in the desert. And, now it’s on fire,” said Miller.

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