Palisade Agritourism Business Perseveres Through Pandemic

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Time to take a tour of Palisade, the town of perseverance. “I think we’ve all had a tough stretch this year, ” says Dave Smith, owner of Pali-Tours.

“We started off with this COVID thing, and then we had our peach freeze, and then the river dropped out. One thing after another it seems, but you know what? We’re going to continue to move forward, ” says Smith. The Pali-Tours business has hurdled those obstacles and keeps bringing business to palisade one beautiful stop at a time. Dave says, “I think this spot is a good view of Palisade, and our little town of what we got going here, and it really puts it all in perspective.”

The current perspective of Colorado’s unemployment rate was 10.5% last month, and over 100,000 businesses nationwide have closed their doors permanently even with $700 billion in government aid, but Pali-Tours brings the aid to other businesses like Anita’s Pantry and Produce. The owner, Anita Hix says, “We just try and show them a good time.”

This pantry full of pretty produce has a peach that punches your taste buds. “Habaneros and peaches and it’s way too hot for me, but a lot of people really like them, ” says Hix.

Now, on to stop three of this report, and it’s a family hotspot that makes most people melt, the Suncrest Orchards Alpacas and Fiber Works. Owner, Mike McDermott says, “He brings people here, and I’m basically entertaining them. Giving them an avenue to look at life differently.” Suncrest Orchards alpaca farm is one of the stops on the Pali-Tour, and the 40 alpacas here with a 35-day-year-old isn’t the draw. The draw is one business helping another during the pandemic. “Neat environment we have here in Palisade. The diversity of all the different agritourism we have here. I mean, education is priceless, and Dave has really been to touch all of that by bringing people here. Especially, with his neat little truck. I mean it’s something you don’t get anywhere else.

Sure, the truck’s cool, and the Triceratops skeleton logo is by Dave’s son who said a Pali-Tourist sounds like a dinosaur, but you know what else is cool? You can customize your Pali-Tour to fit the lifetime of priceless experiences the town of Palisade has to offer.

It’s $35 each for a historic tour and $75 each for a custom tour. You can take a two hour tour, or four hour tour, and to take your tour and start your adventure, call Dave at (970) 697-8134.

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