Late Thursday night a safe-to-tell tip warned of a bomb threat targeting the last stop of d-51’s school bus route 72.  That last stop was palisading high school.

Responding swiftly to keep students safe, D-51 canceled palisade high school and Route 72 which also carried Mt. Garfield middle school students.  The shutdown meant moving graduation rehearsal for palisade high school seniors  to stoker stadium

students were supposed to clean out their lockers today and head home for the summer but the timing of this threat means they may need one more day of school to do that.

Palisade wasn’t the only mesa county school derailed by last-day threats. Fruita monument high school administrators also received a tip about alarming statements a student made…saying he might target another student with a weapon.  Administrators put the school into a shelter-in-place while Fruita pd and d51 security investigated.

 A Fruita Monument student on the cusp of graduation told me she’s excited to have the worries of school violence behind her. She told us, “In a sad way it makes me happy to graduate so I don’t have to worry about things like that because I feel like we have had a lot of threats and a lot of scares which is really unfortunate

she also told me she worries for the students she leaves behind, “I feel like all the students feel the same way, especially the younger classes I’m pretty worried about them too I feel like that’s something we shouldn’t have to worry about, especially in a small town but it’s very concerning.”

With school out now, we won’t see much of this for a while but come fall, if nothing changes, similar threats, shutdowns, shelters, lockdowns, and worries are sure to return with the start of the school year.