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Palisade Opens Doors to New Adminstrator

PALISADE, Colo - The town of Palisade officially has a new leader.
Her name is Janet Hawkinson, and she's the new town administrator who specializes in landscape architecture and urban planning.
Hawkinson tells us she's moving forward with plans set in place by the previous administrator like the Palisade Plunge, the River-Front Trail, and other capital improvement projects.
She tells us that she finds Palisade's image to be very unique and hopes to preserve that quaint small-town feeling.
"I'm really looking forward to working with the Board of Trustees and the direction they want to go and what goals they really want to accomplish in the next year", says Hawkinson.
Hawkinson tells us she wants to continue building upon palisade's legacy by working as a team.
She attended last weekend's Bluegrass Festival and says events like this are a staple to Palisade's image.

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