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Palisade Residents Concerned about Proposed Solar Farm

Palisade, CO - Palisade, CO - A proposed solar farm has many Palisade residents worried that their property values will see a 50% slash. Residents were told by a local home appraiser that the solar farm would obstruct the scenic view of the Grand Mesa, causing the properties in the area to be less desirable on the housing market.

"A lady in the Valley that has 30 plus years of experience gave us a number somewhere in the 50-percentile up to 50% loss in values on our land, and so it's pretty significant", says Christian Rish who lives near this potential solar farm.

The proposed solar farm is designed to span 13 acres of private land and is less than 8 feet above the current existing ground in that area.

"Well, I think probably it's going to be a scar in our area because even though they're building 8-foot fences, I think we'll still see that. We'd like to keep it as a homey subdivision", says one resident in the area who wishes to remain anonymous.

The project is planned to be built by a third-party developer known as Microgrid Energy. The electrical power produced will be sold to Xcel Energy. We reached out to Xcel Energy, and they tell us the "Solar gardens are sized as much as 2 Mega Watts or roughly 4 or 5 football fields. A 2 MW Garden can produce about 3.5 Million kWh (kilowatt hours) per year, enough to power about 425 homes in the area."

We also reached out to Microgrid Energy for a comment on the opposition of the solar farm, but we've not heard back from them. We'll keep you informed on their response as soon as we receive it.

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