Partial Vaping Flavor Ban Begins, Vape and Tobacco Shops Respond

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.- The latest round of vaping regulation is in full swing as of February 6.

According to the Food and Drug Administration, only tobacco and menthol flavors are allowed on small cartridge based vapes, but large tank-based vapes are exempt from flavor bans. One local vape and tobacco shop employee says these new guidelines pose some confusion.

His shelves are still stocked with dozens of these flavored cartridge-based vapes.

“We have our regular people in here that will buy about two or three of them as well as college students,” said Colby Mclean of Smoke Plus in Grand Junction.

Mclean says flavored cartridge vapes helped him stop smoking cigarettes. But, he acknowledges flavored vaping could be a slippery slope.

“All I really need is probably about two puffs to satisfy my nicotine level,” Mclean said. “But due to the fact that they are so flavorful and tasty, I seem to take five or six puffs.”

Mclean says his management team intends to keep selling flavored cartridge based vapes until they receive formal guidelines from the state or federal government.

“Until they receive either an email or letter indicating we have to pull these, we’re going to keep selling them.”

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