Peaceful pro Trump protest outside of the Wayne N. Aspinall Federal Court building

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The intersection at 4th Street and Rood Avenue in Grand Junction at the Wayne N. Aspinall Federal Court building may be where a peaceful pro Trump protest took place, but it can also serve as a metaphor for the crossroads our country has come to. Steve Moore is a member of Boots on the Ground, Biker for Trump and Steve says, “You’re seeing a movement that has not happened in any of our lifetimes.”

This movement started Wednesday morning where hundreds gathered in the city streets of downtown addressing the government for grievances, and ended with over a dozen strong addressing the results of the electoral college count. Veteran, Dan Santiago says, “This whole election was a fraud, and there’s veterans like myself who gave a lot for America, and we’re going to give it all if we have to.”

This group of Trump supporters has a message, and they also have a leader. Captain of GOP Precinct 22, Kirk Conn says, “We’re not just going to roll over, and move into socialism. No, we’re not going to, and we’re gonna fight.”

Unlike the violence that took place at our nation’s capitol, the symbol of free government itself, the streets were peaceful in front of the federal court building sharing the same symbol of freedom. “We’re not here to cause violence, or disruption. We’re not BLM, and we’re not ANTIFA, we’re patriots,” Moore said.

A group of peaceful protesters have gathered at the federal building at the intersection of 4th and Rood, and they’re practicing their first amendment right. “Get a job you welfare bum,” said one of the protesters.

They’re practicing their second amendment as well. “It’s an AR-15,” said another protester.

The mission of this group they say is public awareness. “This should be taken up in the Supreme Court. We’ve got a precedent in 1876, and a committee is allowed ten days, five house members, five senators, five supreme court justices to expose the fraud in this election,” Conn said. “I would just say that the media is a bunch of liars,” said one of the protesters.

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