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People Rally to Protest Jeff Sessions' Resignation

Grand JUNCTION, Colo. - As part of a nationwide protest, people in the Grand Valley gathered to express their concern over Attorney General Jeff Sessions' resignation at the request of President Donald Trump.

Thursday evening dozens gathered at local FBI headquarters rallying in support of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation and protesting President Donald Trump's actions related to it.

Protestors at the rally say they fear the appointment of Matthew Whitaker as acting Attorney General is an effort to put an end to the Mueller investigation. 

People held up signs saying 'Demand Protection of the Mueller Investigation' and 'Why Fear the Truth'. 

"Jeff Sessions is not my favorite person but he had the integrity to avoid a conflict of interest and to recuse himself in a matter of the Russians investigation and Mr. Mueller," said protestor Robert Ricketts.  

Those at the rally say their goal is to see protections put in place for the Mueller investigation. 

Members of Congress on both sides of the isle have said they plan on ensuring the integrity of the Mueller investigation, including both of Colorado’s U.S. Senators. 

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