People spend stimulus money for national park vacation, including Colorado National Monument

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It’s a beautiful day to get away. People see a light at the end of the pandemic’s tunnel and are back traveling out. National parks all over are getting attention as a travel destination.

Park Ranger Arlene Jackson and her staff notice a number of new faces the Colorado National Monument.

“Our visitation is up, just a little bit, over what it was last year and we expect for that to continue through the spring and early summer. We’re really excited about the possibility of being able to do interpretive programming,” Arlene Jackson shares, “That means the ranger programs, having night sky programs again this year on Saturday and Sunday nights. We really enjoy having out visitors and we enjoy talking to them.”

A plane ticket isn’t needed for every getaway. People visit the monument from other parts of Colorado and still call it a vacation. Two cyclist women take this week to continue a club’s tradition of visiting this park.

“We’re from Louisville, Colorado, about a four-hour drive, and it snowed six inches a couple days ago. We wanted to get out and ride our bikes in a warmer climate that wasn’t too far away,” Ann Godby discloses, “Grand Junction is perfect; the National Monument, the great weather, and the great people so we’re riding for a few days here.”

“Our club, which is in Boulder, Colorado, usually comes out every year this time but, because of COVID, we’re not doing as many group things,” Betsy Gerich informs, “So, we came out on our own because we’ve been riding on our own and we’re in the same bubble and just glad to be here. It’s beautiful.”

No matter what path you take, park rangers encourage safety and caution down every trail. If you’re thinking of taking a vacation, or you’re a local wanting an adventure outside, this national park has parts made for camping, hiking, and more.

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