Pine Gulch Fire containment reaches 95%

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Tuesday’s cold front sent temperatures plummeting 40 degrees lower than the day before– good news for the Pine Gulch Fire. Many areas of the fire were at or below freezing. The cold, combined with rain and snow throughout the day caused firefighters and heavy equipment to stand down after moving equipment to areas with good footing. Approximately 0.5 to 0.75 inches of rain fell, with 1-4 inches of snow above 6,500 feet. Current fire acreage is at 139,007 and the fire is 95% contained.

On Wednesday, firefighters will continue to monitor and patrol the Pine Gulch Fire from good roads and backhaul unneeded equipment. With cool and wet weather and containment approaching 100 percent, firefighters and firefighting equipment continue to demobilize from the fire and the incident management team continues preparation to return management of the fire to local agencies.

Pine Gulch Fire reference map

Assessing and repairing damage from fire suppression will continue throughout the fire perimeter and interior as conditions allow to ensure that actions taken to fight the fire, such as building firelines, do not have long-lasting impacts to natural resources. Priority areas for remaining work include the Douglas Pass area on the west side of the fire (Divisions D/E), including Highway 139, Barrel Springs Road and County Road 256. In the fire’s interior, priority areas are along Lonesome Ridge on the western side of the fire.

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