Pine Gulch Fire Day 6: Just under 12,000 acres, still only 5% contained

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — Gusty winds and hot dry conditions continue to feed the Pine Gulch fire, burning less than 20 miles from Grand Junction. It has spread to just under 12,000 acres, and only 5% of it has been contained.

“We are seeing really high flame lengths, there’s a lot of fuel, the flames are very high, it’s making it very difficult for the firefighters to fight it directly,” says Sierra Hellstrom, a Spokesperson for the Pine Gulch Fire.

As of Thursday, 232 fire personnel are working together to fight the fire. “We’re having to find ways to fight the fire indirectly and create breaks in the path of where the fire is growing, ” says Sierra Hellstrom, a Spokesperson for the Pine Gulch Fire.

The fire is still 11 miles away from people’s homes, and there have been no evacuations. But it’s not just humans Mesa County residents are worried about– many are concerned about the wild horses in the Little Bookcliff Area. An official with the Bureau of Land Management says not to worry.

“The Bookcliffs Wild Horse Area is located around 8 miles north of Grand Junction, and the Pine Gulch area is 18 miles from Grand Junction, so it’s a fair distance away from where the herd is residing… the pine gulch fire is not threatening or endangering the wild horses at all,” says Eric Coulter with the Beuaru of Land Management.

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