MESA COUNTY, Colo.-Recently, the microscopic pest that causes the death of grape vines, Phylloxera, was added to the regulated species list for the Upper Grand Valley Pest Control District.

Officials say they’re now in the planning phase of how to deal with that pest.

Phylloxera kills grape vines by feeding on their roots, causing problems for grape growers and wine makers alike.

Officials working on the problem are currently planning on how to best deal with the bug.

We’re told a meeting has been scheduled in mid April to have these important discussions.

“We are working with the district, the county people, and the board members of the district in order to schedule a big meeting with them. In order to prioritize our efforts in order to get organized for the next season,” says Dr, Ionnas S. Minas, State Pomologist.

Also, the Western Colorado Research Center will host a field day event on May 18th.

At the event, officials will discuss what the plan is to fight the pests that are attacking local fruit crops.

The event is open to the public.