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Plane Hitting Power Lines Caused Crash

Colorado-Utah Border - We're learning more about how a small plane crashed into the Colorado River on Tuesday.

The National Transportation Safety Board says the plane struck power lines going over the Colorado River just West of the Utah border. 

This is what caused the pilot to then hit the side of the canyon wall above the river and the investigator with the NTSB says the crash is still under investigation. 

"We were notified about the accident through our communication center and understand that we had a power line or wire that crossed over the river near the Utah border. The pilot did sustain some minor injuries in the accident, but after he struck the wire, he did lose control of the aircraft and did strike about 30 feet above the canyon wall", says Aaron Sauer the Air Safety Investigator leading the investigation of this plane crash for the NTSB.

We'll bring you the full results of the investigation when they're released.

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