COLLBRAN, Colo.- The Plateau Valley School district held a ribbon cutting ceremony Thursday after receiving a grant from the Mesa County Federal Mineral Lease District.

The $100,000 dollar grant provided funding for the school’s much needed technology upgrades and will help provide the financial support for the district to evolve into a 21st century style education.

Technology upgrades may be pretty common in the larger school districts. However, for a small rural school such as Plateau Valley, this Grant will have a major impact on improvements.

Plateau valley school districts K-12 education lies in one building in Collbran with just about 500 Students total. Being awarded the $100,000 dollar grant makes a huge impact for all of the grade levels.

“This is a really strong program, Collbran has been impacted by the energy industry and this is really making a difference for the kids,” said Christina Reddin, Program Coordinator for Mesa County Federal Lease District.

The district was able to fund installing wireless access throughout the entire building, providing better internet throughout the classrooms. More importantly, grants such as this helps with the districts goal of improving education through taking advantage of what technology has to offer.

“We are doing as much as we can to get technology with everything we are doing,” said Jacque Tombolato, 6th Grade Teacher.

With more money through grants and local taxes, the school was able to supply each student from grades 4 through 12 with an individual laptop.

“It’s helpful, because now were not crowding the board trying to use the same computer,” said 5th grade student Ashlyn Wilkerson.

The District is also teaching their students how to utilize the internet for their educational benefits. On Thursday the school offered a web seminar to the students on how to use social media as a way to research their career. Without their recent technology upgrade, the school wouldn’t be able to conduct these types of events.