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Mesa Counties air quality advisory came at no surprise as smoke filled skies continue to take over the Grand Valley.

The smoky conditions has now put Colorado in the top ten states with the worst air quality. Air quality conditions in Mesa County are currently unhealthy. Everyone may begin to feel the effects of the air quality and sensitive groups like those with asthma will feel more intense effects.
“With this much smoke in the air, unfortunately for a lot of people the best option is going to be to stay indoors,” Dr. David Scott, Allergy and Asthma Specialist said. “Limit activity outdoors and especially limit aerobic activity and aerobic exercise like jogging and riding bikes as much as possible.”

The smoky and hazed skies have drastically reduced the visibility in Grand Junction. The National Monument can barely be seen, but help is here.

Citizens for Clean Air has placed 30 particle monitors like one at the Eureka Science Museum. You can log ontohttps://www.citizensforcleanair.org/ where you will see in real time the air quality in your area.
“When folks are inhaling particulate matter that’s in the air now, they are likely to develop increased coughing, shortness of breath, lung inflammation, or nasal congestion,” Dr. Scott said.

The air quality is likely to affect majority of the population in Mesa County, but that hasn’t stopped residents from getting outside.
“We are all in pretty good health so we are just going about doing what we normally do,” MJ Lerch, Mesa County resident said.

Everyone is at risk during poor air quality conditions, not just those with increased illnesses. “My eyes have been watering every day, we played pickle ball yesterday and same thing, but the skies are clearing,” Lerch said.

The smoke may not stop you from doing the things you love like golfing, but it may have an effect on how you play.
“Well it definitely affected my golf game,” Lerch said.

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