Possible relocation of Space Command leaves Colorado politicians puzzled

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. – (KREX) In the final days of the Trump Administration, President Trump chose to relocate the Space Command headquarters from Colorado to Alabama.

After visiting multiple Colorado military bases, Senator Michael Bennet and Congressman Jason Crow determined Colorado’s leadership in space and national security makes the state the most valuable option to permanently base US Space Command headquarters. “The human talent, the resources, the infrastructure, all of the things that are relevant for the success of Space Command and for our national security are actually in Colorado and a move to Alabama would jeopardize that,” Congressman Jason Crow said.

Following President Trump’s relocation announcement, Senator Bennet quickly denounced the decision and joined forces with more than 600 State and Federal officials to back up the fight to keep operations open. “I think any fair assessment would conclude that Colorado is the natural home for Space Command and I believe that the basing decision should be based on national security and costs, not politics.”

Senator Bennet believes Colorado is the most strategic choice for the home of Space Command, but while a Federal assessment of the proposed relocation is underway, a Colorado command center is already built. “The last thing we can afford is to squander time and talent or tax payers money,” Senator Bennet said, “We have a unique military intelligence community and space assets we have already paid for and already built and creates an ecosystem that can’t be rivaled by any other state.”

In deciding where to locate a permanent Space Command headquarters , the obvious choices might appear to be Florida or even Houston home to NASA’s command center but Congressman Crow disagrees. Crow says a driving factor to keep the Space Command in Colorado is an astronomical work force. “You can invest in technology and buildings all day long, but unless you have the right people in place, unless you have the talent to guarantee the success of that mission it’s not going to work and Colorado has that talent,” Congressman Crow said.

Senator Bennet and Congressman Crow continue to urge the Biden Administration to fully consider how Colorado would enhance the success of future missions to space.

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