Around two years ago, Governor Hickenlooper said he wanted to make Colorado the “best state for biking,” and was willing to dedicate 100 million dollars to the plan. This concept has state leaders wondering how to generate this money.

Since Oregon recently passed a tax on bicycles, Senator Ray Scott has pitched the idea to the public in order to find out what citizens think of a tax or fee on bicycles as a potential way of funding the Governor’s plan. Senator Scott said bicycles only pay a sales tax upon purchase, but other recreational vehicles like ATVs or snowmobiles pay both a sales tax and annual fee. “I’m not proposing a tax at this point, but I think we have to have a discussion. Both about funding in the future for a great activity such as cycling, and public safety,” said Senator Scott.

The proposed funds will be used to support the state’s infrastructure. Cyclists would also like to see the money used to create broader bicycle lanes or repair bike paths. “We need to come up with a means to fund what we as cyclists want,” said John Howe, the chapter chair for Grand Valley Canyon’s Chapter of COPMOBA.

The bicycle tax or fee will potentially be discussed in the regular legislative session in January of 2018.

To voice your opinion, citizens are encouraged to either write or call Governor Hickenlooper or Senator Scott.