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Powderhorn Hosts "Ski and Ride Like a Girl" Clinic

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - Powderhorn Mountain Resort is offering a unique training program specifically designed for women.
It's called "Ski and Ride Like a Girl", and the four week clinic is focused on getting women more comfortable on the slopes, and more confident as skiers and Snowboarders.

Participants are broken up into groups depending on their skill level, and are then taken through runs to improve their skills, from differing terrains, to jumps and spins, and even how to ski backwards. But for those new to the sport, getting from greens to blues is also a way to improve, and the all female instructor team is happy to help.

If you missed out on their January session, they will have another four week clinic starting this weekend for February.

Those signed up for the program have the option of two different groups of days, Tuesday mornings and Saturday afternoons, and those looking for a single day session can drop in for just one. 

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