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Powderhorn Trades Snow for Dirt

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - It's time to grab your bikes and helmets because biking season has arrived in the Grand Valley. But it's going on at one place you may not expect it too

Powderhorn Mountain Resort is kicking off summer operations with some new terrain. The resort opened their bike park Saturday morning featuring a new trail this season.

This is the third season for the resort to open the bike trails to the community and Troy Neshiem is no stranger to the mountain.

"Skiing for 24 years and mountain biking since they opened the first day, three years ago," he said.

It's the heights, the scenery and cooler temperatures that keeps Neshiem coming back.

"We all know that the valley gets pretty hot and steamy in the summer so to get out of that heat it's nice to come to Powderhorn and enjoy the new downhill trails they've got."

There are three downhill bike trails and one uphill path that's made possible for all skill levels.

"We have a green, blue, and a black. So beginner, intermediate and advanced trail," said Ryan Robinson, spokesperson for Powderhorn Mountain Resort.

But these trails are no ordinary routes. In order to get to them, you must put your bike on a ski lift, take the lift to the top of the mountain and ride down the trails from there.

With a slow winter season, Powderhorn expects to make an economical comeback, "We got open two weeks earlier than we did last year for bike season, which was great for us and we're expecting a busy summer."  

Riders say they're excited to bring the biking community to higher level grounds.

Neshiem said, "It's the local vibe we got a lot of people from the valley that come up here. So the same faces that I see on the trails weekday at the valley is usually up here on the weekends. It's that getaway."

Powderhorn does recommend for all bikes to be a full suspension bike. They do offer rental bikes and gear for those who do not have.

The bike trails are currently open Saturday and Sunday until the beginning of October.

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