Preliminary Hearing for Yoan Esquijarosa-Aguila

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Yoan Esquijarosa-Aguila faces five counts of drug charges, but waived his appearance at his preliminary hearing today on Monday, February 10th, while the lawyers battled it out.

Esquijarosa-Aguila’s defense rested on count one of a drug felony charge due to a DEA report where Yoan admits he had 124 cannabis plants, no license, and says he knew it was illegal.

But, Esquijarosa-Aguila also says in the report he ran independently and prefers to work alone so he doesn’t have to share profits.

The defense argues against counts 3, 4, and 5 of the drug charges saying a crime must be proved to have happened before a person can be convicted of that crime.

The defense says there are no proven conversations between Yoan and others pointing to a conspiracy.

Bu, the prosecution fires back saying each conspirator agreed there was one manufacturer and knew if one went down, all go down.

The prosecution says g-p-s tracking shows coordinated movements between the conspirators– and says Yoan grew cannabis to manufacture it and sell it at a Home Depot.

Yoan is ordered by the judge to attend the next hearing March 24th.

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