GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) – Primary election day is today! One of the most crucial things we can do as citizens is to vote. It is one of the most significant services Mesa County offers. Voting will take place up until 7 P.M. tonight. Currently there are 38,067 accepted mailed in ballots and 516 in person ballots.

We will keep continue to keep you updated as ballot results come in.

To find the nearest ballot office please visit the link below:

Draft Election Notice (


Republican primary

Joe O’Dea

Ron Hanks

Democratic primary

  Michael Bennet


                Republican primary

                Greg Lopez

                Heidi Ganahl

                Democratic primary

                Jared Polis


                Republican primary

                Lauren Boebert

                Don Cram

Democratic primary

                Soledad Sandoval Tafoya

                Alex Waler

                Adam Frisch  


                Republican primary

                Mike O’Donnell

                Tina Peters

Pam Anderson

                Democratic primary

                Jena Griswold


Colorado Senate Results:

  • Michael Bennet won the for the Democratic Primary
  • Joe O’Dea won by 12% against Ron Hanks with 252,366 total votes for the Republican Primary

Colorado House Race:

  • Diana DeGette won by 68% against Neal Walia with 51,119 total votes for District 1 Democratic Primary
  • Jennifer Qualteri won for the District 1 Republican Primary
  • Joe Neguse won for the District 2 Democratic Primary
  • Marshall Dawson won for the District 2 Republican Primary
  • Adam Frisch won by 19,829 total votes against Sol Sandoval and Alex Walker for the District 3 Democratic Primary
  • Lauren Boebert won by 28% for the District 3 Republican Primary
  • Lkw McCorkle won for the District 4 Democratic Primary
  • Ken Buck won by 50% against Bob Lewis with 68,209 total votes for the District 4 Republican Primary
  • David Torres won by 8% against Michael Clombe with 18,836 total votes for the District 5 Democratic Primary
  • Doug Lamborn won by 35,932 total votes against Dave Williams, Rebecca Keltie and Andrew Heaton for the District 5 Republican Primary
  • Jason Crow won for the District 6 Democratic Primary
  • Brittany Pettersen won for the District 7 Democratic Primary
  • Erink Aadland won by 35,282 total votes against Tim Reichert and Laurel Lmer for the District 7 Republican Primary
  • Yadira Caraveo won for the District 8 Democratic Primary
  • Barbara Kirkmeyer won by 16,761 total votes against Jan Kulmann, Lori Saine and Tyler Allcorn for the District 8 Republican Primary

Colorado Governor Results:

  • Jared Polis won for the Democratic Primary
  • Heidi Ganahl won by 6% against Greg Lopez with 262,015 total votes for the Republican Primary