Some bad news for boaters. near the end of last year, Colorado Parks and Wildlife discovered Zebra Mussels in Highline Lake. Officials say this made Highline the first Colorado lake to ever have an infestation of the mussels. Colorado Parks and Wildlife quickly put a plan into motion to eradicate the invasive species. The lake’s water level is currently 27 feet lower than normal, to accommodate the first step in removing the aquatic pests — which included the first application of chemicals earlier this month.

The agency says ‘step two’ is just around the corner. Park manager Alan Martinez told us, “We will have a second application which should be taking place around the fifteenth of march, and that chemical we want to have in the water for at least two weeks. The water will be coming up turned into the canal and we will probably see water April 3rd.”

CPW expects to open the lake to boaters in early may — but when that happens, there will be an earlier closing time, this will allow the agency to de-contaminate every boat in the lake with a hot wash. Officials say testing will continue for five years before things should get back to normal at Highline.