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Proposed Subdvision Causing Headaches for Locals

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - A proposed development plan in the area of 26 and H Roads has locals upset.  
“I grew up in Los Angeles, other people in other urban areas we found a wonderful spot in Grand Junction but the city is fixing to change all that,” said Rick Warren, a near by resident to the Weeminuche Subdivision. 
“It will impact severely in terms of traffic especially and just style of living things will not be as quiet here as they were,” said Warren.
The proposal is for 186 single family units in 90 acres.  That traffic concern comes from more usage of the road with more people. 
“The safety issues that were brought up this evening regarding traffic and so forth, all our comments will be reviewed by city staff, our city traffic, and city development engineers,” said Scott Peterson, Senior Planner for the City of Grand Junction.
A neighborhood meeting took place Wednesday night which gave residents the opportunity to voice their concerns to developer Robert Jones of Vortex Engineering, and Peterson. 
“You’re probably looking at 30-40 lots per year so you’re not going to see that impact directly within the next couple years,” said Peterson. 
Warren thinks that 186 number will continue to grow. 
“It’s just rampant greed and desire to bring in as high revenues as the land will support,” said Warren. 
The new proposal will be presented to city administration within the next two months. 

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