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Pushing for the Lodging Tax Increase

The Grand Junction City Council voted unanimously Wednesday night to add a lodging tax increase to the upcoming November ballot.  Advocates say it could pour a lot of money into the local economy because of tourism. 
The current lodging tax would double from 3% to 6% if passed, which would mean the average room rate in Grand Junction which is now more than $85.00 would be around $2.55 more. 
“It’s not a tremendous increase for really one individual but collectively, the rooms, we have about 3,500 hundred hotel rooms and collectively between those that is what is going to help have this pool of money,” says Mayor of Grand Junction, Barbara Traylor Smith. 
Raising this lodging tax to 6% would rank Grand Junction 5th in the state with Denver being number 1 at 10.75%.
“We pay their tax for their purpose of growing their communities what we’re doing is bringing ours in line with other communities of our size and be able to have that money to be able to promote our community,” says Trayor Smith. 
That promotion will go towards Visit Grand Junction, the Greater Grand Junction Sports Commission, and the Grand Junction Regional Air Service Alliance, which could result in more direct flights. 
“In order to entice our existing carriers or even new carriers to have more direct flights out of Grand Junction is that we got to mitigate the risks for them and by doing so its a minimum revenue guarantee,” says Dennis Derrieux of the Air Service Alliance. 
This tax will be up to the voters to pass, and if it was to pass, it would take effect January 1st, 2019. 

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