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Put to the Test; Making a Mesa County Sheriff's Staff Member

The Recruiting Process for the Mesa County Sheriff's Office

MESA COUNTY, Colo. - Every Mesa County Sheriff's Deputy went through an intense process to make it where they are now.

There are several steps in applying for the Mesa County Sheriff's Office. They include an interview, psychological assessment, vocabulary and problem solving tasks, spelling and grammar and locating information tests, a background investigation, polygraph, fitness test, and a pre-employment psychological evaluation interview, along with medical and drug screening.

After the initial application, a recruit must then pass the fitness test. The test is running a mile and a half in 18 minutes and 17 seconds, a 300 meter sprint in 76 seconds or less, 22 or more sit-ups in a minute, and 18 or more push-ups in a minute. "Takes a certain kind of character to be able to perform," said Garth Cowley, an investigator at the Mesa County Sheriff's Office and the facilitator of the fitness test.

The way a recruit handles this test displays their character. "The term we hang our hat on is integrity," said Lt. Jim Fogg of the Support Services Section at the Mesa County Sheriff's Office.

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office always gets a large number of applicants. "Roughly, so far this year, we've looked at 194 applications. Out of that we've managed to hire six so far," said Fogg.

Those with the Mesa County Sheriff's Office said their jobs are unique. "Every day is something different, something new, no two days are alike. And there are few jobs in this world that you could say that about," said Fogg.

To find out more about the recruiting process, visit the Mesa County Sheriff's Office and go to the Recruiting and Hiring Questions section.

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