Quincy’s Bar sells sandwiches to remain open

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — The recent surge has resulted in Mesa County losing its current COVID-19 variance and transitioning to a Level 1 Safer at Homer Order, which includes closing bars that do not sell food, but one local bar found a legal loophole in the guidelines that still allows it to follow the rules.

Mesa County is not new to the Safer at Home Restrictions. Earlier this year, the county was in a similar situation, where all bars were forced to closed, and one of which was Quincy’s Bar. As a result of the temporary closure, Tia O’Neill, owner of Quincy’s Bar, faced some setbacks. She says, “it was too slow. I ended up having to let go my whole staff,” and she adds, “they closed us down once, so the next time I’m going to make sure I have food.”

Therefore, O’Neill partnered with Have Cooker Will Travel, a catering company, to sell pulled pork sandwiches, chips, and potato salad to customers. O’Neill says, “we ended up talking with the Health Department to see what we would have to do in order to bring in premade food.” In turn, Quincy’s may not have a kitchen, but it will still be open on Monday once the Safer at Home Order sets into place. In addition, Quincy’s Bar already had a food retail license, but now it is using the Have Cooker Will Travel food truck as its licensed kitchen.

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