R-5 High School aquaponics group share plant success with community sale

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX)- A few students and teachers at R-5 High School find their growth through Aquaponics. Aquaponics is where a fish’s waste is used to produce the fertilizer to feed plants.

The results of the garden is plentiful among the young farmers alone. The group wants to spread the fruits and vegetables of the labor after every harvest, however possible.

“Some of the food we will sell to the nutrition services;” Al Kreinberg mentions, “Student lunches will have the cherry tomatoes we’re gonna grow and the carrots maybe later in the season will have carrots for them to.”

Along with getting to make food, working aquaponics earns students class credit as well.

“Since the school can’t offer electives like art and music the teachers took the opportunity to offer real world skills for the students while they develop a green thumb,” Cora Dickey reports.

While educating students on agriculture, teachers overseeing this program apply lessons from the core four subjects. The leaders want to keep the learning from this experience long lasting so that lessons will linger with students after graduation.

“It’s all integrated because it’s all applicable,” Katie Diekmann phrases, “We’re doing a business plan right now so we’re actually doing like finance kind of stuff and that. For social studies, we’re looking at captains of industry right now and people that started businesses back in like the early 1900s and kind of comparing that to how we could create an aquaponics business when they make a business plan based off of that.”

All profits made not only go to keeping the program going but are put back into School District 51 to improve overall education. Another sale is expected for the summer before the new school year starts.

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