It’s hot in Grand Junction, but not as heated as the Primary race to represent CD3 in the two-year seat. Democratic candidate, Adam Frisch says, “If there was a “get stuff done party” I’d be in that party.”

Frisch says he’s the only democrat that can beat Boebert because he already has the experience. “I’m the only one that’s passed legislation. I spent eight years on my local city council in Aspen. Working on affordable child care, affordable housing, working on water rights protection,” said Frisch.

Frisch says even though CD3 has been red for more than a decade, he can reach the Republican voters because Republicans are also running out of water, losing healthcare access, and losing school funding. Frisch says, “I’m going to do constituent services up the wazoo, and spend a lot of time in the district going from grand junction to Craig to Trinidad to pueblo making sure everyone in this district feels heard. republican, democrat, independent. I don’t care what you are.”

Frisch says when he’s elected as congressman his goal is to get to the problem solvers caucus because cooperation is the key to legislation. “I’m going to go in office in January and find a Republican,” said Frisch. “There are a lot of them out there that wanna focus on their districts needs. Not on their twitter feeds, and not on the cable news network show, with all due respect.”

The Primary Election is less than two weeks away and political candidates have been popping up in places like breweries, and even the KREX 5 news station pitching their promises on how they can do better than Boebert. “I’m not going to focus on picking fights on the internet, I’m going to get to work and do the job I’m hired to do,” said Democrat Sol Sandoval running to represent CD3.

Sandoval’s campaign, “Here comes the Sun” isn’t just a play on words. She says her grassroots support system proves she’s the right woman for the job. “We know that farmers and ranchers are hurting. We know that if we don’t focus on climate change, nothing else is going to matter,” said Sandoval.

Sandoval also says she’s the only candidate to qualify for the CD3 Democratic Primary through the assembly process, and she’s going to fight for the needs of the everyday person. “Elderly people all across the district are struggling to access prescriptions. People are cutting pills in half because they can’t afford to get those prescriptions filled,” said Sandoval.

This bilingual working class woman says she goes through the same struggles as most middle class Coloradans and that sympathy is the key to winning the primary. Sandoval says, “It’s time we elect an adult who has experience serving people. I’ve got 20 years of community work. I know how to listen. I care about people. I generally want to serve my CD3, and make sure that the people have what they need.”