Rain Storms Cause Falling Rock Warnings at Monument

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Due to the extra wet winter and early spring storms, officials at Colorado National Monument are expecting more rock fall events than in previous years.

Most of these rocks vary from baseball to basketball in size , however it’s still possible for larger rocks to come sliding down, as well as multiple rocks at a time.

Monument staff attempts to clear the roadways as often as possible, and while there is no immediate danger, staff say the goal is for visitors to practice safety first.

“Go slow, go the speed limit, even less than the speed limit when you’re going around those corners, even if you’ve just traveled the road and you’re back tracking, it’s possible for a rock to have come down on the road in between time, so we’re really asking motorist to slow down,” said Arlene Jackson, Chief of Interpretation at Colorado National Monument.

Hikers are encouraged to move quickly through rocky areas and not take breaks under canyon walls.

If any visitors witness rocks on the road or trails, staff is asking that you contact the Visitor’s Center at (970) 858- 3617.

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