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Raising Money For Veterans, One Step at a Time

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - On March 1 of this year, Marine Veteran Trevor Stephens and his close friend Matt Anderson set off on foot from Lewis, Delaware, determined to make it to San Francisco.
Both are walking the almost 3,000 mile trek, as a way to raise money for veterans. 
It originally began as a personal journey for the two, but ultimately it turned into a fundraising effort for the Purple Heart Foundation, which supports veterans and their families.
"There are people out there who have struggles that they can't meet on their own" said, Stephens.
After more than four months of walking, Anderson and Stephens made it to Grand Junction on Tuesday.
"We just have to get across the desert and one more mountain range, and then we're on our way there" said, Anderson.
Already they have reached their goal of raising $5,000 before the end of their trip, but are hoping to raise even more by the time they reach their destination.
To support Matt and Trevor in raising money for the Purple Heart Foundation, click the link below.
If you'd like to give them donations towards their trip to  San Francisco, message them on the below Facebook. They will be in Grand Junction until Saturday.

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