Recognizing Water Conservation Heroes in the Grand Valley

Local News

Another local organization is being recognized for their water conservation efforts.

On Tuesday, the Colorado State University Tri-River Extension Office was honored with the Drought Response Information Program’s Tributary Award.

They’re being recognized for their unique horticulture techniques that promote healthy plant growth while also consuming less water usage in the process.

“We like to start with the soils and work our ways up, so knowing what soils you have, do they need amendment or not? And then, going all the way up to the top layer, we use mulch and rock to help cover those bare areas of the ground, but ideally, if you can get more plants covering the ground too, you’re going to have less evaporation from the soil”, says Susan Carter the Area Extension Agent for the Colorado State University Tri-River Extension Office.

The extension office has also been teaching homeowners in the Grand Valley about their water-conscious gardening methods.

They say they also grow native plants that require less irrigation compared to others.

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